Independent Study

by andrew_roseman

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recorded fall 2014


released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved


andrew_roseman Portland, Maine

i was born a bagel

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Track Name: Hezkeyahu
Hezkeyahu build a wall
Line it up at 40 feet and make it tall,
I don't know much but I do know
They're coming from the north, yeah
They're coming from the north

Two brothers, together, Boaz and Yachin
stood guarding the entry from someone they don't know
but you can't really blame them for standing by the door
too many times they been fucked before
Two brothers, together, Boaz and Yachin
stood strong and strong sculpted out of granite,
or maybe it was marble, no one really cares
or knows the difference. all that matter's that
today we make distinctions of the facts

So it goes, from the north is where they came
It took their lives, the days were never same
a dozen times, repetitious little slaves
And we'll keep on at this song and dance until the day we're dead
because man only knows his value when there's a bounty on his head
together they stood, and together they fell,
and the still and silent voice gathers momentum to a yell

but looking back on the day when the Assyrians came
I take back all my photographs,
put my pictures in their frames
I need your help to remember what I couldn't help to forget,
but now the resolution's better than the day I took the picture
Track Name: Semantics Games
Let's play semantics games to distract from the fact I don't mean anything
Tomato, tomato, potato, potato
Simon and Garfunkel sing songs about silence
I tend to agree with their invisible guidance
I know it sounds stupid but it might as damn well be true

baby please understand
it's not that I'm not in love with
the shapes of your hands
you can make love to someone
but it just won't be me

we make names for the games we play
hop scotch, kick rocks, with no shoes and no socks
let's get it, don't sweat it,
everybody to your corners let's go!
and you know that I love you
and I hope that you love me too
but you and me both know that we
don't love each other like we ought to
Track Name: untitled instrumental #1
ooh ahh